Maintaining your website is critical to the success of your business. Having a professional that you know and trust actively taking care of your website is the best way to guarantee that success.

Your Website is Critical

Although it can seem like the easiest plan is to set it and forget it, unfortunately websites can’t always run themselves indefinitely. Not only will your content become outdated and stale, the rest of the world moves around you. Even if your business is exactly the same as it was when your site was first launched (i bet it isn’t) are you sure everyone you’ve mentioned and linked to is the same? Broken links and outdated references not only look bad, they can hurt your site’s ability to be found. Do you know when and how it’s time to renew your domain name, hosting and other necessary services? Are you sure that service renewal invoice is something you really need to pay for?

Unfortunately It’s Also Vulnerable

Perhaps even more important then what’s on your website is what’s going on behind the scenes. We all know technology moves fast. Even if everything looks great on the surface, are you sure everything is working properly on the backend? WordPress updated versions almost a dozen times in 2017. Not only did these updates bring new features and increased performance they also worked to fix critical security vulnerabilities. That’s just one piece of software that your website probably relies on in addition to many others. All of which are in a never ending race with hackers and those looking to exploit the smallest weakness.

Don’t Be Left Behind

In addition to security concerns, and the software powering your site, big time players you depend on, such as Google and Facebook are constantly updating and revising how they work. For instance, last year Google doubled the length it will display for the meta description of each page. This means you now have twice as much space to explain what you do and target your audience. We’ve all heard about the recent struggles Facebook has had with the content it shares and how it decides what we see. Is your content going to be found after the latest changes to their algorithm?

Do It Yourself?

Could you try and do all this yourself? I guess so but why? Working professionally full time for over a decade I’m always learning something new about how to best run a website. Every time I think I’ve seen it all a new challenge will present itself and put my skills to the test. Is learning how the latest PHP version could affect your server the best use of your time? Probably not. You’ve got a business to run! Even if you are the unicorn business owner who has free time on their hands, shouldn’t that time be spent on growing your business rather than making sure your website backups are secure?

What We Can Do

Besides making sure your website continues to work smoothly as is, we can also help grow and enhance your business every month. Whether by always being there to assist as you manage your content, to being available to make additions right when you need them, or even working together on bold, ongoing strategies to set and achieve your business goals, our Continuous Care plans are there to help. Not only are you preventing the expenses that can occur by not maintaining your website, by having out team in place, actively working to enhance your online presence you will be generating leads, customers and income for your business.

Why Now

The reason I’m sharing all of this with you now is that my business is growing. As Chris O’Neal Design moves into the future we continue to refine how best to help our clients. You don’t need to sign up for Continuous Care for us to work together. However having a plan in place ensures that we’ll 100% be available for you and already have the time and resources set aside for you each month so scheduling and budget is never a question.

Learn More

We’re interested in working with clients who understand the value their website brings to their business so we’ve made our Continuous Care plans available by application only.

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