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Deciding on Hosting for Your Website

As I discussed in my last post, I’d go with someone other than WordPress.COM. Either of these are good options.

I do NOT recommend GoDaddy, HostGator or BlueHost.

Do You Want Managed WordPress Hosting?


  • Speed
  • Security
  • Expert Support
  • Backups
  • Automatic Updates
  • No downtime
  • Dev Tools

Since it is specifically made for WordPress, managed hosting will often perform better than a generic host and comes loaded with helpful features, tools and support.


  • Price
  • Limits
  • Less Control

It can cost more than traditional hosting and you won’t always have full access to the server putting some customization off limits.

What Next?

Once you’ve decided on your host it’s time to Install WordPress

  • Managed hosting will come with WordPress already installed and ready to go
  • Most other hosts offer easy “1-click-installation” through hosting cPanel
  • Otherwise you can always use the “Famous 5 minute” manual install

Now that WordPress is installed you’re ready to start customizing your website!

These are the major factors you should consider when trying to decide where to host your website. There are all sorts of other factors that can come up though. If you have any questions about hosting, or anything else to do with your website, please contact me here.