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WordPress 5.0.2 to be exact :)

Many sites will of updated to this latest version automatically. Your plugins, themes and other software probably didn’t though. In order to maintain a website’s functionality and security it’s important to always keep your software up to date.

As I mentioned last month, it’s crucial to always have a quality backup of your site before making any updates just in case there are any issues and you need to restore to work out the kinks

Although WordPress 5 was the official introduction of the much anticipated new Gutenberg editor, the 4.9.8 update in August first added it into most sites. So far I’ve found these recent updates to have gone pretty smooth. However, it’s important to always thoroughly review your site before and after making any updates to be sure there aren’t any unexpected changes.

If you’d like some assistance making sure your website is up to date and secure, please let me know. Or, if you’re ready to have updates taken care of for you automatically each month you can learn about some available options and request to sign up here:

Have a wonderful 2019 and i hope to see you soon!