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Content, a word that means everything and nothing. In this case “content” is what is on each page of your website. Hopefully each page has a unique reason to bring users to your website. If you want to bring in even more users, start by looking at what you already have on your website.

We have completed our evaluation.

Here is a 5 step system to evaluate your content

You’ll learn what your website has and how to make it better.

1. List your content

Depending on how complicated your website is you could either manually copy and paste by going page to page through your website, or from your sitemap. For websites with a lot of pages you can use a web scraper like DynoMapper to create a spreadsheet for you. Whatever method you use, you want to end up with a list of all the pages, posts, categories, tags, and/or products on your website.

2. Here’s what else you need to know

Once you have a complete list of what’s on your website it’s time to add a little more info to each item. Make sure all items include the following:

  • ​​URL =
  • Page title = This shows up in the tab at the top of your browser
  • Content type = page, post, product, category, tags, etc.
  • Focus keyword = What word, or short phrase, best sums up why people would want to see this content?
  • Google search ranking = Check your Google Analytics for this

3. Fix any duplicate keywords or page titles

If your list is in a spreadsheet you can sort alphabetically. If you have to, command F will work too. If you find any duplicates change or remove the one with the lower search ranking. There’s no reason to compete with yourself, right?

4. What’s winning?

Now you can sort your list by search ranking. Try to determine what sets the high ranking content apart.

5. What can be done better?

By this point you should have some good insights into what is working for you and what you could improve. Put that to use! Either by applying it to lower ranking existing content, or to new content going forward, or ideally both.


It’s hard to get somewhere without knowing where you are starting. Following these 5 steps will help increase your website’s search ranking into the future. If you have any questions please get in touch.