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Whats Your Name Dude

Every website requires 3 basic components; HTML (and probably other) files, hosting, and a domain name. Since we’ve gone over the other topics already, today I wanted to talk about domain names.

How to Purchase a Domain Name

  • In general you want
    • Your domain name should be easy to remember
    • Try to avoid hyphens
    • .com is the most common suffix but there are hundreds of other options. For example:
  • Namecheap is a good place to buy your domain
    • Domains typically cost around $15 a year
    • You don’t need to auto renew
      • If you think you may want a domain it’s much easier to buy it now, and then let it expire, than to find out later someone has already taken it.

What to do after you register a Domain

  • Register social media accounts with the same name
    • Again, it’s easier to register them and not use them, then to need them and find they’re already taken.
  • Put up a simple landing page while you work on your website
    • Use WWW. as the canonical version of your domain
    • Set up SSL
      • This adds the HTTPS in front and helps secure your website
      • Lets Encrypt is a good, free option
  • What’s up with your email?
    • Want a professional email address?
    • Google Workspace is the way to go with plans starting at $6 a month

This is a brief overview of the basics. If you’d like me to explain any of this further, or there is something else you’d like me to cover, please contact me any time.