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Mobile-first indexing

What does that even mean?

If you have a Google Search Console account you may of gotten an email in the past week or two saying that mobile-first indexing is now enabled for your website. That’s great! If you didn’t get an email, that’s ok too. You might not have a Search Console account associated with your email or Google hasn’t gotten to your site yet.

What’s Google Search Console?

Search Console ( is Google’s way of letting you tell them about your website.

How about Google Analytics?

Google Analytics ( is a way for you to see some of the info Google collects about your site and the people that visit it.

You should have a Search Console AND Analytics account for your website and they should be “associated” with each other. You may even have multiple Search Console accounts for your website. That’s totally fine as long as you have at least one which uses your current URL (“” for example).

So what is Mobile-first indexing?

In 2018 it is now more likely that someone will visit your website on a phone rather than a desktop computer. Because of this fundamental shift in how websites are seen Google has started looking at your site from the perspective of mobile devices before it considers how it appears on a laptop or desktop computer. Fortunately for you, Google loves your site because it’s already been optimized for mobile devices, right?

The good news is that if you have Premium or Ultimate level Continuous Care for your website then all of this has been set up for you already! If you want to learn more about how everything is working behind the scenes to help people find your website, please just ask, and I’d love to dive in. Or if you’re thinking “why is he telling me all this?” then you can just relax and know that things are running smooth. Ha!

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