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Six weeks, without access or cooperation from the previous website admins, was how long it took for the Biden administration’s website to be built. Normally a project this size would take at least six months. Having clear goals in place from the start, the team was able to work fast with amazing results.

Not only was the website built in record time it is also a vast improvement from the previous website. Some of the enhancements include:

  • An open and refreshing layout that makes it easier to read
  • Restoring a Spanish language version of the website that had previously been removed
  • Revamped navigation that is much easier to use
  • More photos and easy to understand grids instead of long lists of text
  • Drastically increased accessibility features including large text and dark mode options

The new website transformed what had been a hard to look at, much less useful website, into a helpful and welcoming resource. The team that built the new website focused on creating a website that meets needs that the various social media platforms can’t. By creating a well thought out website the White House can better get important information directly to citizens.

The new White House website loads faster, is easier to read and navigate and much more accessible to all Americans.

Please let me know if there are any enhancements you’d like to make on your website.