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Help Your Website’s Search Ranking by Evaluating Your Content

Content, a word that means everything and nothing. In this case “content” is what is on each page of your website. Hopefully each page has a unique reason to bring users to your website. If you want to bring in even more users, start by looking at what you already have on your website.

We have completed our evaluation.

Here is a 5 step system to evaluate your content

You’ll learn what your website has and how to make it better.
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BackupBuddy Plugin Security Update for WordPress Websites

If your website has BackupBuddy installed please update the plugin to version 8.7.5 immediately

A dangerous security vulnerability was recently discovered in the BackupBuddy plugin. Older versions of the plugin could allow hackers to access your WordPress backend and view sensitive information, including passwords. The vulnerability specifically applies to versions through of the plugin but all versions should be updated to 8.7.5.

Backup Warning Beeping
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How E-Commerce Really Works, Part 5: Shipping and Inventory Management

Here it is, the thrilling conclusion to my series on e-commerce. We’ve covered a lot of ground already. Everything from the process of buying something online, to what’s happening under the surface, SECURITY, then taxes and payment processing. With the addition of today’s topic, shipping and inventory management, we’ll have a full overview of what you need to know to sell online.

Solutions to Common Concerns: Shipping and Inventory Management

Once someone successfully purchases a product from your website you need to get it to them. If you are selling physical products you’ll want to have a clear plan for shipping in place when you launch your online store. A good shipping setup can make the difference between turning a profit or not. It can also help keep your customers happy, which might be even more important.

Those boxes are for shipping
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How E-Commerce Really Works, Part 3: Security

Welcome back to my ongoing series on e-commerce. So far we’ve covered the online sales process and how it works behind the scenes. Next we’re going to address some common e-commerce concerns, starting with security.

Solutions to Common Concerns: Security

Since it’s so important, I’ve written about security before, including how to keep your website safe from hackers. Below we’ll review some of the most important website security points, as well as some e-commerce specifics.

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