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One For Each Of Us.

Recently some people have asked me about using OpenCart for ecommerce. I’ve looked into it and OpenCart could be a good option for some sellers. However, I’d still recommend WooCommerce in most cases.

WooCommerce’s use is so much more widespread. That means there are way more resources out there compared to OpenCart. Many more users equals a large, robust support community. There are also way more plugin options available for WooCommerce and it is much easier to customize.

Here’s a quick comparison chart i put together:

Opencart vs WooCommerce chart

Whatever eCommerce solution you choose, one of your top concerns is finding a dependable payment gateway. Personally I’ve found Stripe great to work with. They have low fees, are easy to use and have lots of options for customization.I’m happy to discuss further anytime, and please feel free to pass this on anyone else who may be interested.