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Major SEO key alert!

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means updating your website to get the best possible results in online search listings.

SEO matters because more and more people use Google and other search engines, and if your website doesn’t show up, they won’t find you.

Search engines like Google judge a website on lots of different factors. It’s a secret exactly how they determine where to rank a website and they are constantly adjusting their algorithms.

However there are some things that we know work.

3 Keys to SEO Success


  1. A Well Built Website
    1. Proper structure
    2. Fast Loading
    3. Mobile Friendly
  2. Creating Great Content
    1. Using the right keywords in the right ways
    2. Don’t force yourself to write for an algorithm
    3. Find and focus on your real audience .
  3. Making Connections
    1. Get people talking about, and linking to, your website
    2. The more credible the source the better
    3. Do not buy backlinks

These are broad concepts, but crucial for a successful website. If you have questions about any of these ideas, or would like some help implementing them, please let me know!