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Having a hacked website is not something you want to experience. Website backups are crucial for recovering your website from a security incident. They’re not a replacement for having a website security plan, but backups allow you to quickly recover your website and get back to business.

A good backup solution includes the following:

They are stored off-site.

If your backups are saved on your website’s server they are as vulnerable to attacks as anything else in there. You should keep your backups off-site because you want them to be protected from hackers and hardware failure. Storing backups on your web server is also a major security risk. These backups can contain unpatched versions of your website and extensions, potentially giving hackers easy access to your server.

Your backups should be automatic.

You do so many things every day that the last thing you need worry about is if you remembered to backup your website. Use a backup solution that can be scheduled and counted on to run without you having to monitor it.

Have reliable recovery.

This means having backups of your backups and testing them to make sure they actually work. You also want to have multiple backups covering an extended period of time. By doing this you can be sure to recover files from a point before any hack occurred.

If you’re not sure about the state of your website’s backups and would like me perform a quick check, please let me know. Or, if you’ve been meaning to implement a backup solution and are interested in the options available you can read all about them, and request to sign up here:

Have a great holiday and I look forward to working together in the new year!