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One of the most common questions we get is “How much does a website cost?”. The good news is that we can give you an exact answer! We can also tell you how long it will take to launch. To do this we work with you to create what we call an outline. By the end of the outline process we’ll have an exact plan, schedule and cost estimate for creating a new, updated website. This way we all know what to expect.

What Is Your Plan?

Here’s how it works.

After taking a few minutes to complete a new project worksheet to fill in some background info, we can provide a (very) broad estimate for what a new website would cost. Details can make a big difference though, so from there we begin creating an outline. Even if you’ve got much of the project already worked out, there are still many important things to nail down that can have a big effect on the overall cost and schedule of creating a website.

We start by sending a first draft of the outline to get the discussion going. It covers the items we recommend be included on your website, and a list of other things you may want to consider. Then you can let us know if anything else should be included, moved around, or taken out.

After we’ve discussed the intial draft we’ll create an expanded version that highlights the specific materials we’ll need from you. We’ll provide detailed explanations for the materials we need to confirm or collect.  When those materials are ready we can follow the outline to assemble the final website

With a final outline ready we’ll send a formal project proposal that includes exact costs, often with a few different options, and when those need to be decided. You are free to take the outline to other developers to get additional estimates. In our experience it is tough to find a developer who can provide an exact cost up front to build the specific website you want though. That’s why we’ve developed this outline process. Taking the time up front to figure these things out results in an easier process and a better website.

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