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Having your own website is a crucial step for establishing a brand. It also helps the internet be a better place.

Let's get this party started

If you don’t already have a website for (all of) your brand(s), now is the time to start!

When you have your own website you can start to control your online identity and build your audience. More often than not people turn to a web search to learn about a brand. Having your own website is the best way to build your online reputation.

By creating your own website, instead of relying solely on third party social media, we help insure the web remains vital and independent. I’m not saying you shouldn’t use social media, but you should create and maintain your own website as the primary source for your brand.

The longer your website is live, the stronger its clout will be.

So let’s get started!

The first step is to buy your domain. I like but go with whoever you prefer (except GoDaddy, they stink).

The next step is to clarify what your brand’s goals are. Are you selling a product or service? Hoping to spread an idea? Want to connect with a specific audience? What would it look like if we were celebrating a success a year from now?

Once you have a domain and a goal I’d love to help!

Hit me up any time to discuss what’s next.